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      Highly reliable chip niobium oxide capacitor

      ●The anode of the product adopts NiO as anode substrate, which is insensitive to DC surge impact of switching power supply circuit;

      ●It has very strong ability to resist direct stray surge, and it does not burn and explode. Its reliability is one order of magnitude higher than tantalum capacitor and close to the level of safety capacitor, which can meet the high safety requirements of high reliable power supply circuit;

      Chip conductive polymer tantalum capacitor

      ●With very low ESR and low ESL [equivalent series inductance], the filter circuit with higher frequency can be used;

      ●No combustion and explosion in case of accidental breakdown, no fire and secondary breakdown effect, and good safety;

      High temperature resistant chip tantalum solid electrolyte capacitor

      ●Due to the use of high temperature resistant anode and cathode materials, the maximum allowable service temperature can reach 150 ℃, and the leakage current is small.

      ●It has very low ESR and low ESL [equivalent series inductance], which can be used in the filter circuit with higher frequency;
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