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      Addr:NO.6,Wenchang Road,Xiangxiang Economic Development Zone,Hunan

      Chip conductive polymer tantalum capacitor

      Chip conductive polymer tantalum capacitor【下載次數:1994】

      Product features:

      ●With very low ESR and low ESL [equivalent series inductance], the filter circuit with higher frequency can be used;

      ●No combustion and explosion in case of accidental breakdown, no fire and secondary breakdown effect, and good safety;

      ●The switching power supply circuit with low impedance is not sensitive to surge current and voltage. It only needs to be reduced by 10-20% to ensure high safety and low failure rate;

      ●Low internal resistance, higher ripple resistance, greatly reduced heat generated during filtering and high-power discharge, better filtering effect, and easier discharge waveform to meet technical requirements;

      ●The reliability is one order of magnitude higher than that of the chip tantalum capacitor with manganese dioxide cathode;

      ●The filter circuit with high ripple and high power and high frequency discharge circuit can be used without large derating;

      ●Executive standard: QJ / pwv517-2013