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      Addr:NO.6,Wenchang Road,Xiangxiang Economic Development Zone,Hunan

      Tantalum grade solid electrolyte capacitors are used in automobiles

      Tantalum grade solid electrolyte capacitors are used in automobiles【下載次數:1756】

      Product features:

      ●Epoxy resin molding packaging, sheet, easy to integrate, polarity, all aspects of performance are better than conventional chip tantalum capacitors;

      ●Small size and light weight can save the circuit board space for large capacitance, energy storage, filtering and decoupling;

      ●Stable electrical and storage performance, up to 125 ° C at voltage derating, long working life and high reliability;

      ●Typical applications include terminal decoupling and filtering applications in automobiles, such as DC / DC converter, portable electronic equipment, communication electronic equipment and control unit, etc;

      ●Implementation standard: QJ / xy06-2015.



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